Come get inspired with us!

Art Gallery

Nestled between the Adair Park, Capitol View, and Oakland City neighborhoods of Atlanta

We are a multi-faceted arts complex with a focus on community engagement, environment, education, and new technology. We offer private studios, community and workshop space, a conference room, a multi-use gallery and several venues as well as outdoor event space. We are brand new and just getting started but we cannot wait to share this journey with you!




Willow Goldstein
Creative Director, Benevolent Dictator



Team Bakie

Olive Hagemeier
The Muscle

Seve Iocovozzi
In-house Stylist

Chris Gravely

Delaine Williams
Generally Useful

Wyatt Kane

Onyx Simpson
Photo & Film Booking

Pearl Bryant
Art Gallery Manager

Greg Brennan
Electric Hands

Maggie Kane
The IT Dept

Andy Jackson
Bakie Creator

Rob Brooksher
Sound Master

Amanda Norris
Community Manager

Xenia Simos
Creative Extraordinaire

Mark Gilbert
Man of Mystery

Stephen Wilkins
Professor Vacation

Jordan Neal
Plasma Magazine

Joel Coady
Light God

Meredith Kooi
Director of Development

Lev Omelchenko
Dream Conjurer

Tori Tremayne
Warehouse Manager

Daniel DeSimone
Booking + Sound

Daniel San

Our Values

The Bakery Atlanta is dedicated to providing an empowering experience for everyone who participates in or supports our community. Because we value the safety and security of our staff and guests + strive to have an inclusive community, we do not tolerate harassment of our staff or guests in any form.

You can read our full Code of Conduct by clicking the button below. This document was created to clearly define what we mean by a harassment-free experience, so that our community and those who support it are clear about our intent and have access to procedures for addressing issues, should they arise.