Future Projects

We have a few project ideas that we're bringing into fruition soon. Stay tuned on fun things to come!


Garden at The Bakery

We're building a garden that's gonna be full of yummy veggies and herbs. The garden will be kept by The Bakery's community of artists that work there, and veggies will be donated to local community members and used in community dinners at The Bakery.

We will also be collaborating with local university students at Spelman and members of makerspaces in Atlanta to construct a geodesic dome that will live near the garden. The dome will be an ongoing project that will be accessible for Spelman and other local students to build projection mapping projects and performances.

Coming Summer 2018


Farm to Table Dinners

With our lovely resident-built community garden, The Bakery plans to curate farm-to-table dinners with the help of local chefs who will plan a menu based on our garden output and cook it for special dinner guests. Reach out to us at hello@thebakeryatlanta.com if you would like to get involved in this project.

Coming late Summer / early Fall 2018


Artist Free Store

Artists needs tools and resources, like paint and power supplies, to successfully build or run their projects. The Bakery will be offering space for the community to donate excess/unwanted supplies that other artists can pick up for FREE! Things that we'll be collecting include, but are not limited to: paint, pens, paper, canvas, wood, welding equipment, LED / light equipment, and much more!

Coming late Summer / Fall 2018