Facilities & Resources

We are currently home to a number of fun and engaging activities including DIY music shows, art events, gardening, fundraisers, community forums, educational workshops, and more!


Art Gallery

Our gallery displays long term exhibitions and short term pop-up shows. It’s also home to our monthly figure drawing class, live literature event, and more.

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Bakie Makeyspace

A makers space with a mission to provide the tools, materials, and expertise of volunteers to teach people how to make fun crafts in a safe and engaging environment.


Cut Cake Factory

A community wood shop ran by a collective of artists who want to share their tools, knowledge, and space with other creatives looking to level up their building skills while having access to shop and fabrication tools.


Deathbox Studio

An experimental recording and live streaming community space intended for audio/visual projects. This space hosts everything from live podcast recording to late night DJ sets.

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Surplus is our smaller music venue. With a capacity of about 40 sitting, it’s great for local DIY shows, experimental performance art, comedy shows, film screenings, and our monthly open jam.


Seve’s Garage

Seve’s is our main stage venue. With a capacity of about 60 sitting, it’s great for large scale events such as touring musicians, puppet shows, drag shows, and more.


Bakie’s Kansas City

A cozy space for experimentation, conversation, and fun, bakie’s kansas city is your new favorite place. Hang out, grab a bev, bring a friend, maybe make a new one, and partake in some adventures in this time-based art bar.

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Stall Hallway

The hallway that guides you from the entrance to Seve’s Garage is filled with lounge-able art installations. They often get makeovers for big events but there is always something fun to see here.


The Hangar

This is our biggest space. It’s a few thousand square feet, providing a lot of room for creativity. This space has hosted a range of programming including theatre productions, dance performances, and even a dodgeball tournament.


Loading Dock

Our loading dock gets the most use during the spring and summer seasons. This space is home to our yoga classes, spring film screening series, and more.

Unicorn Gardens

A hand-built outdoor area perfect for family-friendly events and community programming.

Community Garden

With volunteer days and gardening workshops, this is the perfect place to put your green thumb to use.


Conference Room

Our board room is a great spot for educational programming including public workshops, demonstrations, and private classes.


Coffee Shop

This area is mainly used during art gallery events and day-time community hours. It’s filled with Bakie information and has a community board of local things to do.


Private Studios

We have a few artists studios and they are all filled at the moment.


Please consider supporting our community programming by becoming a monthly supporter https://patreon.com/thebakeryatlanta <3