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Rapoon/Pas Musique/Sandoor Trio, Dftals +2

Face of Knives and Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery Present: The experimental electronic Trio of Rapoon, Pas Musique, and Shaun Sandoor

Pas Musique emerged from Brooklyn, New York in 1995 as a solo project of founder Robert L. Pepper and has since gone through many variations of experimental, electronic iterations. In 2018, Pas Musique remain as a four piece consisting of Jon V Worthley, Michael Durek, Jesse Fairbairn, and Robert Pepper, pursuing the musical elements of electronic, experimental music with krautrock undertones. Pas Musique have collaborated with many great musicians which include Faust, Rapoon, ZEV, Philippe Petit, HATI, Chester Hawkins, Jim Tuite, and many more. Pas Musique have performed in 18 countries and all throughout the United States.

Rapoon: In 1980 Robin Storey became a founding member of the pioneering industrial group Zoviet France:
In 1992 began soloproject rapoon. To date 60 solo albums.
a noted visual artist and animator, Storey's work has been exhibited throughout the world.

Shaun Sandor: "I have been earnestly recording and experimenting with unconventional sound since 1997. After playing in guitar in a variety of bands in the late 80's and early 90's, I was living in Europe and got exposed to some of the innovators of experimental music. I came back to the states and got involved in the Cleveland experimental art scene where I was a part of the Pieta and Speak in Tongues phenomenon for a brief time. I left there to attend Columbia College Chicago, and graduated from the Radio and Sound program with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2002. During that time I attended a workshop by Sound Artist Eric Leonardson that strengthened my drive to experiment with new instruments and stimulating sounds. As Promute, I have utilized broken circuits, a synthesizer, and home-made electronic boxes, and fused them with home-made acoustic counter parts in creating electro-acoustic music. I have assembled 5 releases to date and performed at Sonic Circuits and Signal Festival, as well as a tour in the US and in Europe. As one half of Bicameral Mind (with Bryce Eiman), I have thoroughly enjoyed performing at various festivals in the US and have 7 releases with a variety of collaborators."

With Local Support from

The Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel: ATL Drone Gods Scott Burland and Frank Schultz return to mesmerize and hypnotize

Benjie Genchel and Yi Wu Present "Ghost in the 3D Printer": A free improvisation exploring cooperation, communication and feedback between human musicians and a robot painting on a virtual, musical canvas.

Gulp: FKA Rin Larping. Solo drone guitar FFO Grouper, Julianna Barwick

8:30 Doors
All Ages

Later Event: July 4