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DIY Wearables: Sewing LEDs (Basic Electronics)

Learn the basics of fashion-forward DIY LED circuits in this introductory workshop on building easy, fabric-based, wearable electronics. This workshop is for anyone who's looking to learn more about designing outfits + wearable accessories that have playful and purposeful interactive functionality. 🌈✨

In this workshop, we'll have fun exploring the early designs of wearable tech as well as the what, who, when, where, how, and why of DIY solutions for building your own creative circuits. This is a beginner electronics workshop and is intended for artists, musicians, and hobbyists that want to explore the foundations of designing and building their own wearable technology. 🔌

⚡ Workshop topics include: ⚡
+ early wearable tech designs
+ contemporary DIY wearable tech designers to watch
+ exploring the interaction design model
+ how to design your first wearable circuit
+ being environmentally friendly in your designs
+ example DIY projects

⚡ Workshop materials include: ⚡
+ cotton-based upcycled fabric (twill or denim)
+ embroidery thread
+ embroidery hoop
+ embroidery needle
+ Adafruit Circuit Playground Express
+ Adafruit Neopixels (8pk)
+ conductive 3ply thread
+ 5v micro USB power supply


Students will build their own LED circuit with a Circuit Playground Express, sewable Neopixels, conductive thread, and embroidery materials in this workshop.

For more advanced creative embroidery skills, check out this workshop!


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