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Recycled Light Bulb Lamp Workshop

Tired of throwing out those perfectly nice burnt out light bulbs? Want to make something interesting out of it instead? Want to learn a little about soldering and electricity? If you’ve asked yourself these questions or were interested by any of this then this workshop is right for you!

Students will transform burnt light bulbs into micro lamps using some basic tools, LEDs, and a coin cell battery.

Date ~ Saturday, June 22
Time ~ 1pm to 4pm
Location ~ The Bakery Atlanta
Cost ~ $25
Teacher ~ Eddie Farr

Provided Supplies:
💡 Solder
💡 Soldering iron
💡 LEDs
💡 Power Switch
💡 Pliers
💡 Wire
💡 Gloves
💡 Battery
💡 Glue

Supplies Students should bring:
⚡ Burnt light bulb (or fresh)
⚡ Something to mount the light on

Questions? Send an email to for more information.
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