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Madhousers Art Fundraiser and Silent Auction


Check out art from several great Atlanta-area artists as we raise money for single occupancy dwellings for the homeless.

Madhousers is an Atlanta nonprofit which builds single-occupancy dwellings for the homeless. They are a volunteer-led organization, which means the money raised from this event will go directly into the costs of building more structures. $400 alone pays for a unit!

This event includes a sales table, a silent auction, and a hut painted by 3 of our featured artists. This event is free of charge and the venue will offer alcohol sales as well. We'll have Kane Lewis as a DJ, playing jazz, hip-hop and RnB.

At least 50% of sales will go to the benefit of Madhousers! The remainder will go to the artists, who can opt to give more of their sales than half.

Sales Table:
All items at the sales table will be under $50. Prints, crafts, stickers and buttons will be here!

Silent auction:
For the auction, bids will all start at $50, with a minimum bid increase of $5. 20+ pieces will be up for bid.

The Madhousers are an awesome group of people that have been helping Atlanta's most vulnerable since 1988. If you come out but can't buy any art, please consider volunteering!