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The Emotron, Andy The Doorbum, The Infinite Yes, Mosephine

Andy the Doorbum Mastered the arts of performance/recording & put out a beautiful discography in Charlotte NC before moving to Los Angeles a few years ago.
The Doorbum is back in the South East to bless us w/ a touching cathartic performance that we'll look up to!

"The complexity and beauty of life as seen from both the light and the darkness."
- John Frusciante
Theem O Tron has been around the proper south fifteen years exploring & evolving through his own brand of musical performance arts.
Multi layers of costuming, orchestrated songs on a vintage sequencer & many emotions/smells hit the body during a Tron set.
Christopher O Moon is representing "The Infinite Yes" & is a local Atlanta artist & musician, energetically fully diving into both of those things.
Chris's artistic work consists of entities from other realms & his music work mostly consists of acoustic based jams, but this show he will be exploring "Weird Clown Stuff" w/ a crew involved.
Mosephine is a Sarasota FL based musician/visual artist & has been in Atlanta dwelling for the past few months working for the film festival here. Exploring the Atlanta local scene for one of the first times as a solo act & under the brand new performance name "Mosephine".
Mosephine is heavy layering on guitar/vocal loops & is possibly known to play an unexpected droned out cover or two.

Later Event: May 5
Yoga + Meditation