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Queer Apocalypse Skillshare

We are living in a time of climate crisis. Fires, floods, and hurricanes are becoming more dangerous, more deadly. Plants, animals, and insects are going extinct. Human communities across the globe are suffering. Climate crisis impacts everyone, but does not impact everyone equally or in the same ways. Folks from marginalized communities -- queer folks, trans folks, people of color, Black folks, indigenous folks, disabled folks, poor folks, displaced folks, etc. -- are more directly impacted by the changing climate. Surviving this time requires learning from each other, building skills, and creating alternative systems. It requires forming tight-knit communities focusing on protecting each other and the other beings who share this planet with us.

This event will bring folks together to share skills related to living through this era of climate crisis. Any topic related to surviving this time and/or using this time to work towards a better future is welcome. Some suggestions include:

  • Growing/Preserving Food

  • Herbal Medicine/Mental Health/First Aid

  • Climate Disaster Planning

  • Sewing/Tailoring

  • Carpentry/Basic Tool Use

  • Wildlife Care/Interactions

  • Composting/Soil Care

  • Collective Decision-Making

  • Fire Building/Tending

  • Land Access/Land-Based Reparations

  • Disability Justice

  • Off-Grid Energy Systems

  • Plumbing/Waste Management

  • Rainwater Catchment Systems

  • Water Purification

  • Accountability Structures

  • Self-Defense/Community-Defense

  • Technology Use for Climate Crisis  

  • So much more!

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., there will be two skillshare sessions running simultaneously. In a shared space, there will be a Resource Library, collective brainstorming activities, seed swap, book swap, reflective/grounding area, and more. If you’d like to host a skillshare, please sign up at this link:

This event will center queer and trans folks but is open to everyone, with the understanding that we don’t always get to choose who we’re with when disaster strikes. Anyone behaving in a disrespectful and/or racist, homophobic, ableist, transantagonistic, classist, sexist, etc. manner will be asked to leave. Session leaders can choose to limit who can attend their sessions (i.e. a person of color can host a POC-only session). The event is free for people of color with a suggested $10-$20 donation for white folks (no one turned away for lack of funds). Funds will help cover rental costs for the space, with additional funds going to Soul Fire Farm Institute, a BIPOC-centered community farm working towards food sovereignty, agricultural leadership, and land-based reparations.

If you have questions or something to contribute to the shared space, please contact Yarrow Koning via FB Messenger or at to discuss.