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Learn to Print a Shirt Fundraiser!

Print Cart Fundraiser!

Aaron and Charlie, the Bakey Makey’s special little printers, are lookin’ to jumpstart an on-the-go screen printing setup that they can pull via bicycle to your neighborhood park and events.

This provides an opportunity for public engagement with printmaking and to generate a seed crystal that we can print media for whoever!

With your donation, it’ll help us acquire a bike wagon that we will retrofit with a printing station. Come learn how to “bake” a shirt with us!

With the Bakery located so close to The Atlanta Beltline, and the ability to build this mobile printing cart, we can activate The Atlanta Beltline through a proposal submission this summer.

---MARCH 23rd from 2-6pm @ The Bakery

---Bring a light color tshirt/tote bag (100% cotton or close)

---$10 suggested donation to help fund a mobile print cart

Come hang out!

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