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Discrit Presents: In Excess - An Examination of Love in 3 Acts

Join ALTERED MEANS in bakie's kansas city for a special program presented by Discrit with a performance by Nathaniel Mondragon.

What happens when humans form complex, deep attachments to non-human actors? What does it mean to love a ghost? An idea? An historical artifact? A volcano? A digital image? 

Spanning live readings, screenings, and a performance from Nathaniel Mondragon, "In Excess" invites the audience to a multimedia exploration into some of the strangest forms of love.

++about bakie's kansas city++
ALTERED MEANS is hunkering down this Winter at The Bakery Atlanta, a multi-faceted arts complex, with a time-based art bar we’re calling bakie’s kansas city. A cozy space for experimentation, conversation, and fun, bakie’s kansas city is your new favorite place. Hang out, grab a bev, bring a friend, maybe make a new one, and partake in some adventures.

~ The Bakery is a safe space. Please be respectful and kind.~