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Wretched Sickness: New Work by Fremy Ma

Join ALTERED MEANS for "Wretched Sickness: New Work by Fremy Ma" in bakie's kansas city. Begin the evening with a guided meditation, traverse into a video screening, and round it off with some discussion. 

"Wretched Sickness" is a video performance by Fremy Ma, edited and curated by Joey Molina, about mental and spiritual renewal. As trauma infests the body, that energy must be channeled and navigated to create release. The video captures physical transformations that can shape into numerous manifestations and uses spoken word to realize the agony and joy of the body in between. The video also incorporates a series of youtube clips that replicates traumatic experiences as deep seeded and bursting from within. 

About bakie's kansas city
ALTERED MEANS is hunkering down this Winter at The Bakery Atlanta, a multi-faceted arts complex, with a time-based art bar we’re calling bakie’s kansas city. A cozy space for experimentation, conversation, and fun, bakie’s kansas city is your new favorite place. Hang out, grab a bev, bring a friend, maybe make a new one, and partake in some adventures.

bakie's kansas city is your new favorite spot.