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Writing Your First Interactive Story with Twine

Bandersnatch, right? Whether you loved it and wanted more or you thought the gimmick was cool but could have been better executed, you're in luck! 

It's just one example of the vast and decades old medium of Interactive Fiction. Come get a brief history of this rich but often overlooked community and start making your own right away, whether it's a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure full of thrills, or an interactive poem about a sentimental scarf, or a visual novel about charming queer monsters in love. 

In this workshop, we will be learning the basics of Twine, a free tool at the heart of Bandersnatch's (and countless others') choice system, while we write our first interactive text! No coding required! But if you're into that kinda thing, you can totally add code to do whatever you want >:) 

💞 Come see what makes this format such an accessible way for marginalized people to tell their stories 💞


⏰ ~ Saturday, January 19 // 2pm - 4pm
🏰 ~ The Bakery Atlanta // 825 Warner Street SW
💸 ~ FREE (we'll gladly accept donations for future programming!)

What to bring ~ It is recommended that you bring a laptop to work with // if you don't have a laptop, we will have a number of laptops available for people to use during the workshop. Send an email to to reserve a laptop. One thing to note is that Twine can be accessed by an Internet browser, so you can always be creative with this tool with your smart phone!

Instructor ~ Becca Edwards!


** The Bakery is an inclusive, gender affirming safe space for creatives! Read our Code of Conduct here before you arrive! ~ **