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Abuela y/i Babushka: 2 Films by Joey Molina and Lev Omelchenko

Join ALTERED MEANS for a special screening with films by directors Joey Molina and Lev Omelchenko who will share their film works celebrating their grandmothers side by side. 

Doors: 7pm 
Screening: 8pm, followed by Q&A moderated by Meredith Kooi
$7-10 suggested donation

++ About the Work ++
"La Camara de mi Huelita / My Grandma's Camera" (26 min)
Joey Molina

Looking back at family memories, specifically Molina's grandmother Fidelia, a morbid realization came about. She lost her memory due to Alzheimer's and in her final years struggled to know who she was. As someone looking from afar, Molina rejoices in her truth. An aunt passed down videotapes that contained a special side of her. Someone who had a large family and spent time with all of them laughing and dancing. She was also particular to detail, and had a keen eye on reality. This film is an exploration of memories gone...

"LIDA" (50 min)
Lev Omelchenko

"LIDA" celebrates Lida Omelchenko's 70th Birthday as she tends to her homestead and welcomes family and friends in rural Solonitsa, Ukraine. Lida is the only living grand-parent of Lev Omelchenko, who captured the moments on camera during his stay with her in July 2017. 

++ Bios ++
Joey Molina is a multi-disciplinary artist and scholar working between video, installation, and collage. Their work examines performances of gender and sexuality, with a particular focus on how such phenomena shape and are shaped by trauma.

Lev Omelchenko is a Film Director and Curator based in Atlanta, GA. Born in eastern Ukraine, he emigrated at age 9 with his parents, sister and maternal grandparents to Brooklyn, NY where they all shared an apartment. His work is driven by collaboration with a diverse group of artists and activists, which collectively aim at representing and rediscovering healing visions for the future. 

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