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New Years Day Fiasco w/ Bitter Inc., Hospice, Ian Deaton, Ravel

Face of Knives and Commodity Fetish present: A grand and dystopian celebration of the new year feat.

Bitter, Inc. and JC Myers: Bitter, Inc. is an opera in 9 parts. Each album unfolds a story told in archetypes set to a background of current events. Hermetic principles guide a psychological journey, as metaphor for an overarching story related to political and religious events not yet manifested.

So... what is Bitter, Inc.?

Industrial, Punk, Prog, Harsh Noise, Jazz-Fusion, Avant-Garde, Pop.

If you can imagine all those things thrown together into 2-5 minute song formats with theater, makeup, divine synthesis, performance art and live audience interaction;

You still wouldn't be prepared for what you were about to witness.

Come See God Emperor Ryan O'Doud for his first time in ATL since co-curating ATLAntifest 2017

- - - - with locals - - - -

Hospice: Dark Synthpunk/Post Punk driven by fuzzy synths and down tuned bass (mems. Nag)

Ian Deaton: The Glitzy, leather-clad, synthwave soundtrack to underwater Miami c. 2119

Ravel: Synthgoth/post goth dreamboats

$5 All Ages
8:30 Doors