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The Emotron, Cousin Dan, Salsa Chest, APHWK&K, Gesündt

Saturday Sept 8 The Bakery is honored to host The Emotron doing what he does best: Lighting his junk on fire and performing magic in his Daddy's 1974 wedding suit & shit.

Musically Emotron utilizes a vintage midi synthesizer and voice to interpret the raw, unpredictable nuances of his inner psyche. He then leaves it out there in the ether for you, the audience, to attempt to work into your preconceived notions of reality. His music along with his performance is not an event to be missed. Tron has been out on a long tour with the Cutthroat freak show and we can't wait to see him.

Joining him for the evening we will have performances by

Cousin Dan - A one man freaked out 1980's and 2080's wet dream. The holy trinity of synth pop, R&B, and sweet guitar licks realized in one human with very tight pants

Salsa Chest - Well lit and well choreographed musical performance from William and Addison. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll stare, mouth agape

Aww Phooey! With Kim and Kooi - Performance art from 2 of the Bakery's finest. I recall something about being drunk and paper fans

Gesündt - a musical/performance art hybrid that I frankly am not sure how to brace you for

$7 All Ages
Doors at 9, music shortly therafter
Let's come together and revel in how strange pop can be

Later Event: September 9
Puppets: Lupita's Revenge