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Music: Mark Hosler (Negativland) with guests Dftals, Soothsayer, Glur


Since 1980 Negativland has been using and rearranging appropriated sound, image, and text (often taken from massive corporate sources) to sculpt sound collages and redirect the messages of advertisement. This kind of cultural archaeology and "culture jamming" (a term they coined way back in 1984), has resulted in Negativland being sued twice for copyright infringement.

Solom, Mark performs live using a performance set-up built around various homemade one-of-a-kind, intentionally unstable electronic noise making feedback devices (including two of Negativland's original "Boopers”). In these performances Mark creates a noisy and musical soundscape. The Boopers create a non-linear dynamic "living" system of sound for Mark to interact with that ends up being a performance dynamic where the musician is a fellow collaborator with the devices, encouraged to converse instead of merely transmit. The Boopers used in this show go way back to 1975, when Negativland founding member David Wills created the first one, adding multiple transistors to a simple FM radio receiver, and sending its output back into its input. Various knobs control the amount of signal through the transistors, but the sound that emerges remains wildly variable, and incredibly fun to listen to. Using multiple Boopers (all based on Wills's original design) and other homemade electronics as primary sound sources, Mark manipulates and augments the raw sound sources into a choral rainforest of pure electronic ear candy, erasing any easy distinction between the machine and the human.

Mark will be joined by locals Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel, SOOTHSAYER, Glur, and possibly more to come.

Doors at 8PM, music at 8:30
All ages

Presented by The Bakery Atlanta, Face of Knives, and Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery