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Love At No Sight: Blindfold Speed Dating


Real Life Connection brings you Love At First Sight: Blindfold Speed Dating!

So you've heard of 'Love at First Sight' right? What about 'Love at No Sight'? Get to know someone purely through conversation at this speed dating event where you'll be blindfolded.

About Real Life Connection
We live in a world where everyone connects through their phone. We like pictures on instagram. We share everyday of our lives on Snapchat. And through all of these we seek a connection. We get happy when someone slides into our DMs. We feel special when we get more than 100 likes on a post.  With all of this we have that temporary happiness that someone is apart of our lives and likes it, but deep down we crave something more. We want that 'Real Life Connection!' 

Some people do have those genuine connections and have people they can rely on  and talk to, but some people move to a different state for a job  and know no one or in search of a relationship. The goal of RLC is to help people find a possible friend or partner, but even if they don't I want them have a fun experience they can look back on. 


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