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Community: Geodome BUILD OUT!


We are in full summer mode and its time for some GEODOME action!! this Saturday, July 21st, rain or shine, we will gather our forces together and DIY this badboy !!!

We will begin at 10am to avoid high temperatures and will greet you with coffee and doughnuts (or bagels. not sure yet on that one)

The event is split in hypothetical slots, depending on weather conditions:
♥ If it rains we pause, and continue when it stops. (or get rained on cause yolo)
♥ If its too sunny we take a break and continue post 4pm when the sun isn't at its peak. 

The more the merrier, but to get this done efficiently within 5-6 hours, we need a solid 6 people at most times. This is the basic outline of the time frame and headcount needed:

First row: team of 3; 2 hours.
Second row: 6 people, two teams of 3; 1 hour
Third row: 6 people, two teams of 3 - at least two people per
team who are good with heights; 1-2 hours
Fourth and Fifth rows: 3 people should be sufficient if the three people are tall, strong and not afraid of heights; 1 hour

Come help build this dome with us! If you can come later in the day, bring your hammock so you can hang it in the dome and bask in the glory of your hard labor 🌟 🌟 🌟