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Workshop: Build Your Own Arduino MIDI Controller


** Separate from the Saturday workshop ~ this is a one day workshop! **

This workshop is for musicians, DJ's, VJ's, producers, and others who love to make things (and save money)! For four hours, participants will learn how to build a simple MIDI controller using just the Arduino platform and some inexpensive electronic parts.

MIDI controllers are interfaces, widely used by musicians, producers, DJ's, VJ's, etc that can control synthesizers, digital audio workstations (DAWs), DJ / VJ software as well as a variety of other tools. You can buy these products - which can be wildly expensive - and you'll be limited to what that company wants to sell you. But what if you could make your own interface the way you wanted it to be? And without spending lots of money? You can learn that in this workshop!

How to prepare:
+ Sunday, July 15
+ 12pm to 4pm (4 hours)
+ $35 per person - price includes kit (discounts are offered to students, please email for more details)
+ Bring: a computer and headphones

To register,

About Arduino:
Participants will construct their own MIDI controller using the Arduino platform. Arduinos are affordable and easy to use boards that can be connected to all sorts of buttons, potentiometers and sensors. They can be programmed to do an infinite amount of things, such as functioning as a MIDI controller.

This workshop will be a fun way to learn how to build your own MIDI controller all while learning the fundamentals of electronics and programming.

For any questions, please email for more information.


About the Instructor:
Gustavo Silveira is a Brazilian multimedia artist who is passionate about making things, music, videos, installations, and musical instruments. Gustavo holds a bachelor's degree in Music Composition by the Universidade Federal de Pelotas (Brazil) and a master's degree in Music Technology from Georgia Southern University.

Gustavo builds custom MIDI controllers, called Bit Controllers (, teaches an online course called "Making Music with Arduino" (it will be available in English soon!), and has a blog called “Músico Nerd” ( about music, electronics, programming, and other nerd music related content. In 2018, Gustavo was a finalist at the Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition, an international competition that awards the best new musical instruments of the year in categories of design, engineering, and musicality. Gustavo has also had his work featured in venues, events, and websites - such as the Arduino website, DJ Tech Tools, Gearnews, Bay Area Maker Faire, and Miami Maker Faire.