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Music: Tiny Scissors, Ak//47, Violent Opposition, Moonshield

Weirdo mathy grind powerviolence and/or fantasy metal gig at the Bakery!

Tiny Scissors - Local noodle monsters shredding gnar riffs to make you think while you slap.

AK//47 - Indonesian (yes the whole way from Indonesia) powerviolence/crust/grind to punch an oppressor to

Violent Opposition - Cali spazz: oldschool political HXC sounds freaked by weirdo riffs FFO the locust

Moonshield - High Fantasy speed metal riffage taken from the pages of your older brother's dungeon masters guide

Also It's Jason from Tiny Scissors' birthday so you know we've got the saké bar

$7 All Ages
Doors at 8:30 Music at 9
Respect each other, buy the merch, these bands are SICK and from far away