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Music: Lambda Celsius / HXXS (CA) / CRT / Cosmic Trigger


Weird-tronic night at the Bakery ft.

Λ°C (Lambda Celsius) - A dystopian future IV drip of post punk and anti pop

HXXS - Abrasive California Synthpunk/Grimewave FFO Black Dice, Crystal Castles, Tobacco

CRT - Industrial EBM from Michael Keenan (Hawks, NAARC). Sounds like a malfunctioning cyborg trapped in a pitch black Detroit Warehouse.

Cosmic Trigger - Stream of consciousness electronic music by the illustrious Gaga Gilmore (Visitors)

This aint your mamas techno, this is that ankle breaking, vibe killing, bad kid sh*t

All Ages
9pm doors, 9:30 sounds
Respect the space and each other, no jerks