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Library of the Commons: Emergent Economies

Resistance Requires Alternatives.

What does it look like to organize bottom-up alternatives within our current economic system? 

How do we design and execute models that keep decision-making power in the hands of communities and distribute wealth equitably? 

How do we prepare for the rising tide of AI and automation in a way that doesn't further exacerbate extreme inequality but instead decreases the amount of work needed to get our basic needs met and increases our quality of life by allowing more time for growth and creativity?

This workshop is an introductory overview of the global "next economy" movement, a diverse emergent network of initiatives growing in response to the failings of neoliberal capitalism, covering:

(1) the underlying values that drive such alternatives (mutuality, self-determination, cooperation, sustainability, and participatory decision-making)
(2) the history of cooperative practices such as the Rochdale pioneers and African American cooperative history
(3) micro models such as cooperatives (worker, user and multistakeholder), time-banking, and CSA's (community supported agriculture)
(4) macro models such as the Solidarity Economy, Transition Towns, the Commons, P2P Networks, Mutual Aid Networks, Regenerative and Circular Economies
(5) what we can do in the present to support the emergence of a more equitable and sustainable economy in Atlanta and the Southeastern bioregions.

This workshop is free, though we will be accepting donations towards travel costs for members of the Library of the Commons and ATL is READY to attend the New Economy Coalition's CommonBound 2018: Owning Our Power gathering.

Workshop will be led by Sophia Gallagher
(Flyer art by Cristian Boian)