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SFQP: How to make a zine


ver wanted to learn how to make a zine? Do you know the history behind zines? Come out to How To: Make a Zine, a workshop series organized bySouthern Fried Queer Pride! At 6PM on Tuesday, March 13th at The Bakery Atlanta, learn the ins and outs of zines! Feel free to bring materials! This workshop will feature insight and wisdom from zine maker and multi-media artist, Sharah Hutson!

SFQP How To is a monthly workshop series equipping the public with artistic know-how, skills, and more. For more info on SFQP How To, and all of our programming, follow this link:

**Southern Fried Queer Pride (SFQP) is dedicated towards creating spaces that are open and responsive to the needs of the communities we serve. We always intend to uplift and include the most marginalized voices. SFQP wants to maintain accountability for our actions and practices. Please email us at if you have comments, questions, and/or concerns.**