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Atlanta Layover: The Most, Cuzco, Youth League and more

ATLANTA LAYOVER is a mini fest of emo/indie/math/punk rock and other genre bands from around the country who are making their way towards FEST in Gainesville, FL. Five mind blowing touring acts and two of the best local bands around. Its donations only SO BRING A LITTLE CASH for the touring bands or buy some merch. Looking to have food, drink, and everything else available so its a party! CHECK THESE BANDS OUT:

The Most - amazing jazz flavored math rock all the way from CT

Cuzco - instrumental math rock out of Charlotte, NC. Beautiful math rock with other styles weaved throughout.

Youth League - math rock, post rock, emo, big awesome sound that you won't believe is just a trio. From Durham, NC.

Countdown from Ten - SICK mathcore group out of Philly

Totally Slow - dope punk band from Greensboro.

Things Amazing - jingle jangle tappy boys from Atlanta, they will blister your earholes

Tiny Scissors - chaotic math rock duo that will help you cough out all your blood. Truly amazing act.

It's kicking off around 5 PM so come out and have some food and drinks. Right afterwards the Staghorn and Of The Vine show happens so it's going to be an all night party :)