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Killick w/ Monique Osorio, Helton & Bragg, Viceroy Cyprian

Killick Hinds has been a staple in the Georgia experimental music since the 80s, exploring the vast corners of sonic expression through intuitive harmonies, unusual instruments (H'arpeggione, Harp Guitar, quarter tone guitar, infinite sustain VO-96, to name a few), and genreless nonconventional composition. Killick has been described as everything from trance metal to minimalist electronic, anti-folk, neo classical, and more, with none being quite correct or incorrect. For this performance, Killick will be joined by Vocalist Monique Osorio for what promises to be a very special evening

Helton & Bragg are a free-spirited Atlanta jazz duo who excel at combining disparate ideas, from country-tinged electronic soundscapes to epic fuzz-rock ragas, and creating compelling compositions in real time. In Blake Helton's facile drumming one can detect both Rasheid Ali's free-flowing colorations and the motorik R&B of Can's Jaki Liebezeit. Although Colin Bragg loves to go on Hendrix-esque guitar tears, a penchant for dreamy melodies and trance-inducing blues fits perfectly within the duo's stream-of-consciousness sets. Their mutual enthusiasm for classic electronic music yields further dimensions - one can imagine finding Helton & Bragg filed under 'Future Jazz Impressionism' in some imminent, dystopian bargain bin. 

Viceroy Cyprian is a brand new project from Atlanta multi-instrumentalist George Kotler-Wallace, combining his signature steel guitar and banjo work with modern electronica and hypnotic ambient textures. Drawing in influences ranging from Hindustani slide guitarist VM Bhatt and African guitarist Ali Farka Toure to modern textural masters such as Cellist Zoe Keating and German house producer Stimming, Viceroy Cyprian combines melodic layers of steel guitars and electric banjos with ambient loops, drum machines, and tension building improvisation. Described as "electronic witchcraft", Viceroy Cyprian is a hypnotic blend of world music flavors, couched in a modern Southern vibe, and with something for both the dance floor and the front porch.

Prior to this show (7PM-9PM) there will be a live storytelling/literature event with the theme "ghost stories". Come by early!

All Ages
Doors at 9PM, Music shortly after